Remember Before You Forget

February 27, 2019

BY Jasmie Smith

Often when we think about all the things we'd like to do, all the things we need to do, we can feel pretty overwhelmed quickly.  The other day as I sat down to begin going through my "to-do" list i remember something I'd forgotten.  I forgot the reason why we decided to homeschool in the first place.  I forgot how important it seemed to us to make sure the girls (I have 3 of them) were taught practical application of their scholastic studies.  You see, it is easy to start the day consumed with plans and ideas only to watch one child become unnerved because her oldest sister is deciding to take her shower first today instead of last.  Or the dog that needs walking is being ignored as the girls have become lost in the art projects or whatever fun, interesting thing that seems to steal their attention.  I had to admit to myself, I'm pretty blessed! I get to do what i love doing! Spending time with my girls, taking walks 3 sometimes 4 times a day with our sweet matured golden retriever and at the same time tone my legs and feel energized enjoying the fresh air.  Remembering before we forget keeps us from the sometimes blues that seem to sneak in....sometimes I forget I'm well able to do this.  Sometimes i loose sight of the beauty in the mess that's created because we're busy enjoying our day...sometimes just sometimes i want to complain because I think  everyone is better at this than me.  Fortunately, it's days like this one that i can remember the good stuff before I forget.